Meet Our 2016 Candidates

Claire Ball

for Illinois Comptroller

In the entire history of Illinois, the state's highest accounting position has never been held by an accountant. In the current financial crisis, our state needs someone who is independent and free of the influence from the system which has gotten us into the mess we currently face. I will bring honest accountability to the office without considering it a stepping stone to a higher position.


Kent McMillen

for US Senate

As a Chicago native who has been around politics my whole life, I've seen both the good side and the ugly side of government. I have lived my life by a few simple guiding principles, such respect for others, supporting my local community, and being responsible with my money. I believe our federal government should do the same.


Scott Schluter

for Illinois 117th Representative District

I am running for General Assembly to fight for you. I will fight to force the government back to the ideals that made this country great and fight back against those that have systematically stripped us of our rights. I will work to repeal any unnecessary legislation that infringes on your rights and halt out of control spending. I promise to resist any legislation that takes what belongs to you and gives it to another. Your rights are yours and yours alone. I only seek to help you protect them. In short, I want to go to Springfield to regulate the government, not the people.


Meet Our 2015 Municipal Candidates

On April 7th, the 2015 Municipal Elections were held throughout the state of Illinois. Below are some of the candidates who ran for office:

  • Claire Ball - College of DuPage Board of Trustees
  • Brandon Damm - Springfield Metropolitan Expo and Auditorium Authority (SMEAA) Board
  • Jasen Howard - Village of New Lenox Board of Trustees
  • Aaron Merreighn - Village of Riverton Board of Trustees
  • Chris Russell - Village of Fox River Grove Board of Trustees
  • Dave Pfeifer - Waukegan School Board
  • Marcia Powell - Ogden Consolidated School Board

Additionally, the following are two of our current Libertarian officeholders who ran for reelection:

  • Steve Hellin - O’Fallon District 90 School Board President
  • Kathy Kelly - Rock Valley Community College Board Trustee