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September 2010

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“The very essence of tyranny is defined by the blind enforcement of stupid laws.”

-Sherriff Richard Mack












the united States of America and its people ought to be Free and Independent, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to unconstitutional and immoral law”


-excerpt from the “New Declaration of Independence”








State Convention Brings Big Names

Libertarians throughout Illinois gathered at Springfield's Hilton Garden Inn for the 2010 Libertarian Party of Illinois Convention on September 10th -12th. The Convention theme, "The Libertarian Revolution ... Our Time Is NOW!" reflects the sentiment of many Illinoisans as they anticipate real change in Illinois politics this November.

All Libertarian statewide candidates were in attendance and provided campaign updates as they prepare for the election in the Fall. The Party's slate includes: Mike Labno, US Senate; Lex Green, Governor; Ed Rutledge, Lieutenant Governor; Josh Hanson, Secretary of State; James Pauly, Treasurer; Bill Malan, Attorney General; and Julie Fox, Comptroller.

Among the weekend's many highlights were the presentations of Sheriff Richard Mack, a sought after speaker in the Freedom Movement and author of the book "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope"; Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate; David Nolan, co-founder of the National Libertarian Party; and Dr. Sharon Presley, author of "Standing up to Experts and Authorities: How to Avoid Being Manipulated, Intimidated and Abused".

The conventioneers enjoyed a special treat as "Thomas Paine" was on hand to offer some updated "Common Sense". Paine was joined by "Patrick Henry" and "Thomas Jefferson" who presented a new Declaration of Independence written on 100% hemp paper, which was signed by many of the attendees.












             Michael Fogelsanger, Steve Hellin, Ken Prazak as the Founding Fathers



Following Saturday Night’s banquet, awards were presented to outstanding Illinois Libertarians.  Julie Fox won the Edward Bushel Lifetime Achievement Award.  Crystal Jurczynski received the Crispus Attucks Award as Libertarian Activist of the Year.  Kyle Kidwell was named Outstanding Young Libertarian of the year, and Ken Prazak was recognized as the Volunteer Petitioner of the Year.


Big thanks go out to members of the Convention committee for making “The Libertarian Revolution” a success: Jan Stover (Convention Committee Chair), Lupe Diaz, Kellean Gale, Michael Gale, Jeff Jones, Ken Prazak, Steven Kruzek, Don Stover, Valiant Vetter and Karin Vermillion

Candidates Seek Volunteers

Election Day 2010 is only 6 short weeks away. Our candidates have been working hard and campaigning across the state, but they need our help to maximize their effectiveness.

Here's a list of our candidates and their contact information. Specific volunteer needs are also listed.

Lex Green for Governor   (
309) 828-9212
- Developer of ethnic media relationships in Chicago
- Campaign writer
- Videographer/Photographer

Ed Rutledge for Lt. Governor   (
309) 828-9212
- Watcher for competitor response opportunities
- Responder to online items regarding campaign
- Coordinator for campaign sign distribution in Chicago

Bill Malan for Attorney General   (312) Bill 4 AG or (
312) 245-5424

- Campaign literature coordinator: identify distribution areas and get materials to volunteers
- Campaign literature distributors
- News watcher for response opportunities

Julie Fox for Comptroller   (
888) 317-1977
- Distribution coordinator for campaign materials
- Researcher of campaign issues
- PR assistant to schedule media appearances

Josh Hanson for Secretary of State   (630) 200-9527

James Pauly for Treasurer   (
773) 426-2006

Mike Labno for US Senate   (
217) 408-0076
- Distributor of campaign literature at events like parades, fairs, meetings
- Videographer, including editing and posting online
- Writer of letters to the editor

Doug Marks for the 14th Congressional   (
847) 428-8349

Steve Funk for the 18th Representative   (
847) 733-8429
- Sign poster in the Evanston area
- Volunteer coordinator
- Campaign materials distributor

Kevin Hendrickson for the 69th Representative   (
815) 986-6996

- Researcher of campaign issues
- Distributor of campaign literature at events, meetings, and door-to-door
- Videographer, including editing and posting online

Please contact any and all candidates that you would like to help today, so together we can accelerate their campaigns.                          

We are also actively seeking Campaign Coordinators in every Illinois county to be a:

- contact person for candidates and other area volunteers
- distribution point for campaign materials, like yard signs and literature
- referrer for potential fundraising locations, speaking opportunities, and other events
- source for media contacts, like local newspaper and radio stations

If you are interested in being the Campaign Coordinator for your area, contact Crystal Jurczynski (
630-854-4110 Yard signs are arriving and we need to distribute them across the state. The candidates are also looking for opportunities to speak to voters, so if you know any organizations or media that would like to hear from our candidates, please contact them.

Another opportunity for you to help our candidates is to spread the word. A lot of press is going to be generated about this election. If you see an article that does not mention our campaigns, write back and tell them about us. Also, if you get any calls from pollsters, don't hang up! Tell them you will vote Libertarian--this is crucial to getting our candidates into the debates.

You can call talk radio, write a letter to the editor, tell your friends, post on Facebook... anything you can think of to get the message out that there is a better alternative to the bi-partisan corruption machine that is running our state and our nation into the ground. On November 2nd they can made a better choice--that choice is the Libertarian Party!

Students For Liberty to Hold Conference in Chicago

Students for Liberty, a student-run non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students and student organizations that promote liberty, has announced that its 2010 Midwest Regional Conference will be held Saturday, October 16th at the University of Chicago.  It promises to be an inspiring day, filled with opportunities to network and share “war stories” from the freedom movement.  The lineup of speakers includes Eric O’Keefe, chairman and CEO of the Sam Adams Alliance and Tom G. Palmer, CATO Institute Senior Fellow and Director of CATO University.                            









Last Year, the Libertarian Party of Illinois officially endorsed Students for Liberty as a     support organization for our Libertarian students.  Similarly, Students for Liberty welcomes all LPI members, students and non-students alike, to join in their festivities.  Registration is FREE and includes three meals.  You can find more information about the conference at, and register at  Please direct logistical questions to Sloane at




























“The Audacity of Truth  identifies special interest profiteers and lays the ax to their arguments.  The Audacity of Truth is a must-read owners manual for government and an indispensable tool for throwing the rascals out.”


-from the book jacket


Committee Submits Reorganization of Leadership

At this year’s annual business meeting, members of the State Organizing Committee (SOC) submitted a document called the Board of Directors Manual.  It contains detailed job descriptions for Party leadership roles, organizing them into subcommittees.  The logical new structure consists of six elected positions (State Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, and Deputy Secretary) and five main appointed positions (Activism Director, Communications Director, Outreach Director, Finance Director, and Political Director). 

It’s been said that organizing libertarians is like herding cats, but it seems that our Illinois SOC is proving otherwise.  Attendees of the business meeting unanimously elected Lupe Diaz as State Chair, Matt Ervin as Vice-Chair, Kent McMillen as Secretary, and Matthew Skopek as Treasurer.  Five members (Derek Newhall, Ken Prazak, Rae Ann McNeilly, Jan Stover, and Karin Vermillion) have also stepped up to staff our largest department, communications, under the direction of Steve Hellin.  Michael Fogelsanger, Crystal Jurczynski, and Jennifer Hawk have agreed to continue their work as Activism Director, Political Director, and Finance Director, respectively.   Damon Dillon has volunteered work in the Outreach field, acting as Volunteer Coordinator.  Everyone is looking forward to a productive year.


Bill Malan’s “Audacity” Sparks Interest

LP-Illinois Attorney General Candidate Bill Malan introduced Party members to his scorching 2007 book, The Audacity of Truth: What Rudy and Barack Won’t Tell You.  About this work, says, “special interest groups benefit from overpriced health care and a permanent state of war. The Audacity of Truth is a controversial book that the profiteers don't want you to read. With facts, figures, maps, humor, and cartoons, policy analyst W.J. Malan skewers the powers behind the policies and gives them a third degree searing.”

Convention workshop attendees were given a sneak peek into Mr. Malan’s research in the fields of foreign policy and the healthcare industry.  As a result, several convention goers have requested information on how to get their own copies.  LP-Illinois members may want to take advantage of the author's discounted rates for members only: $15 for softbound; $25 for hard back, free shipping, with each copy autographed by Malan himself.

For more information, and to order The Audacity of Truth, please visit





Chapter Update: McLean County

Growth is continuing in the McLean County Chapter as attendance has slowly risen over the summer, especially at our monthly discussion meeting, Freedom on Tap. Our Young Libertarian Chair, Kyle Kidwell, is now active with his on-campus group, the Young Americans for Liberty. Chair Emeritus, Lupe Diaz, was re-elected as the chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. Karen Green has moved from Web Master to Vice-Chair while she also serves as treasurer of chairman Lex Green’s campaign committee. Karen is also considering a run for alderman in Bloomington’s second ward. Meanwhile Denise Langnes has taken over as Web Master and Activities Committee chair while also working as a volunteer in Lex’s campaign for Governor of Illinois. Treasurer Jeff Ready has started his campaign for city council in the sixth ward in Bloomington.

The campaign for Governor also allows for many outreach opportunities including attendance at several summer events where our own members were able to cooperate with other chapters. With eight members attending the first evening of the LPI’s state convention, Mclean County was the most represented. The future looks bright for the Libertarian Party in central Illinois.


















Lex Green, Robert Cress, and Jeff Ready at the McLean County Fair



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