The Libertarian Party of Illinois is excited to invite you to its annual state convention!

This year’s convention will be held October 8 and 9 in at the Quality Inn and Suites in Bradley, Illinois This year’s keynote speakers include former Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash and Former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen. The program also includes informational seminars on homeschooling and ranked choice voting, as well as workshops about petitioning, becoming a precinct committeeperson, and best practices for local affiliates. 

Important Notice Concerning Convention Voting Rules

This is a nominating convention for Libertarian Party statewide, congressional, and legislative offices in Illinois, as well as delegates for the 2022 LNC Convention. To both vote on party business and be a delegate representing Illinois, you must be a member of the Libertarian Party of Illinois by June 11 (120 days prior to the convention business meeting) and also be a resident of the state of Illinois. See the full list of convention rules HERE

Hotel accommodations will be available through the venue soon. Check back at this page for updates.

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