Are you ready to make Presidential Election History with us in 2024?

Libertarian Party petitioners gathering signatures in 2022 for statewide elections that year.

Volunteering to get ballot access signatures is patriotic and fun Volunteers wanted NOW to Petition to help get Our Libertarian Ticket in 2024 on the November Ballot. email:

An open letter to all Illinois Voters from LP Illinois Chair Bill Redpath:

The quadrennial petition drive to place the Libertarian Party’s 2024 presidential ticket on the General Election ballot in Illinois is about to begin. The first day of legal petitioning is Tuesday, March 26, and the day by which the Libertarian Party of Illinois (LPIL) must turn in all signatures to the State Board of Elections is Monday, June 24. We need 25,000 valid signatures of Illinois voters to place the LP presidential ticket on the ballot again in Illinois.

Linked here is an official copy of the petition. Please print as many copies as you like. Print only on one side of letter-size white paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Regular copier paper is fine.

As of now, Scott Schluter and Lex Green are our stand-in candidates. We have listed them because we cannot wait to start the petition drive until after the LP Presidential Nominating Convention, which is Memorial Day weekend. After the LP National nomination is concluded, Scott and Lex will sign documents later substituting the nominated candidates for President and Vice President after the petition drive is over.

Please gather as many signatures on this petition as you can. Remember, we are gathering signatures from only Illinois registered voters.

We ask that you do the following:

  1. Please assess how many volunteer signatures you can gather and email that number to Russ Clark, LPIL Treasurer, at My pledge is at least 1,300 total signatures, which I estimate to be 1/27th of the total petition drive. Others have pledged as much as 1,000 total signatures. If we had 100 people do about 350 total signatures, which would likely yield 250 valid signatures, this petition drive would be completed with zero cash expenditures and would not be an ordeal for anyone.
         *****  Even if you don’t make a pledge (and, I hope you will), please gather as many signatures as you can.
  2. Please gather signatures and get them notarized AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after you gather them. The reason: signatures for ballot access count for only one candidate in each election and the signature counts for the petition with the earlier notarization date. Please don’t pile up all your signatures for the entire petition period and then get them notarized. Petitions must be notarized by an Illinois Notary Public.
  3. Please report the number of signatures you possess to Russ Clark at
  4. After they are notarized, please mail your signatures after notarization regularly to Russ (or give them to him personally):

    Russ Clark
    2613 Tennyson Dr
    Springfield, IL 62711

    Do not put them in his mailbox and leave them there. This allows us to make sure that the signatures exist.
    Please mail them by June 17th to ensure they arrive in time. 

Any questions? Please feel free to call me at (703) 864-2132 during normal waking hours.

Thank you very much for helping us get the LP presidential ticket on the ballot in Illinois in 2024.


Bill Redpath
Chair & Ballot Access Director
Libertarian Party of Illinois

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