About Us

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (LP Illinois) was founded in 1971 with the mission of electing Libertarians to office and moving public policy in a libertarian direction.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois is an affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. Within Illinois there are many affiliate chapters.

We are a volunteer organization. Individuals choose to donate their time, talent, and funds to the Party because they want to bring the benefits of liberty to their families and Illinois communities.

Our torch continues to shine because of the dedicated efforts of Libertarian leaders throughout our state.

Libertarian Party of Illinois Officers

Libertarian Party of Illinois Executive Board

State Chair - Lex Green

Vice Chair - Jonathan Parker

Secretary - Rodney Parker

Treasurer - Brian Dunn

State Central Committeemen

1st District - Open

2nd District - Mike Leheny

3rd District - Open

4th District - Justin Tucker

5th District - Kevin Kauzlaric

6th District - Britta Cuming

7th District - Open

8th District - Brian Lambrecht

9th District - Adam Balling

10th District - Sean Fairbrother

11th District - Linda Foertsch

12th District - Ben Baker

13th District - Steve Suess

14th District - John Mathey

15th District - Open

16th District - Open

17th District - Eric Epps

18th District - Bennett Morris

Libertarian Party of Illinois Directors

Field Operations Division

Field Operations Division Director - Aaron Wright

Deputy Field Operations Division Director - Mark Elmore

Membership Director - Kevin Mahoney

Activism Director - Steve Dutner

Volunteer Director - Ian Peak

Campus Director - Steven Leezy

Chapter Development Director - Open

Political Division

Political Division Director - Scott Schluter

Deputy Political Division Director - Kyle Symons

Ballot Access Director - Krysta Walker

Candidate Recruitment Director - Jasen Howard

Campaign Director - Brian Lambrecht

Legislative Director - Ron Shultis

Precincts Director - Ryan Mahoney

Communications Division

Communications Division Director - Steve Suess

Deputy Communication Division Director - Open

Newsletter Director - Paul DiMasi

Social Media Director - Jenae Wise

Public Relations Director - Preston Nelson

Marketing Director - Open

Finance Division (Fundraising)

Finance Division Director - Bennett Morris

Finance Director - Bennett Morris

Deputy Finance Division Director - Open

IT Division

IT Division Director - Lex Green

Deputy IT Division Director - Eric Epps

Operations Director - Jacob Guenther

Coding Director - Open

Platform Director - Open

Open Director Positions

Deputy Communication Division Director - Open

Marketing Director - Open

Coding Director - Open

Deputy Finance Division Director - Open

Chapter Development Director - Open

Platform Director - Open

1st District - Open

3rd District - Open

7th District - Open

15th District - Open

16th District - Open

Opportunity Knocks

If you are interested in volunteering with the Illinois Libertarian Party, contact the Volunteer Director for more information.

Libertarian Party of Illinois Bylaws

The Illinois Libertarian Party bylaws are made available for viewing here: Bylaws