March 2023 Candidate Training

Click above to learn the most important skills needed to run a successful campaign and get your campaign mechanics and messaging polished.

With a growing number of Americans coming to libertarian views on personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and peace, Libertarians have an unprecedented opportunity to make a significant political impact in our state and our country.

Become a candidate

During even-numbered years, all 118 state representative offices are up for election, as well as a third of all Illinois state senate offices.

During odd-numbered years, municipal offices such as mayor, township trustee, library and school boards, and other local races are open for challenge.

Running for and winning these elections are a great way to help your community and demonstrate how Libertarian solutions can benefit people every day.

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Become a campaign volunteer

You can assist Libertarian campaigns in many ways:

Lex Green for IL Governor (left) & Ed Rutledge for IL Lieutenant Governor (right) 2010

  • Manage campaigns
  • Raise money
  • Collect, report, and disburse funds
  • Design websites and campaign materials
  • Research issues
  • Write campaign messaging
  • Collect petition signatures (Illinois petition drive)
  • Take photos/video
  • Distribute literature
  • Get out the vote


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