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  • State Chair
    Bill Redpath
    (217) 864-8337
  • Communication Division Director
  • Deputy Director

About Us

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (LP Illinois) was founded in 1971 with the mission of electing Libertarians to office and moving public policy in a libertarian direction. Libertarians champion:

  • Maximum Freedom

    Libertarians believe that being free is the best way to live. We encourage all peaceful people to choose what they want from life: to live, love, work, and play their way, free from political favoritism or oppression.

  • Minimum Government

    A larger, more intrusive government imposes a larger, more expensive burden on people and businesses. A small government provides room for businesses to grow and for individuals to support their families and communities. The people of Illinois deserve a political party that respects them as individuals who can leverage the power of voluntary cooperation to improve lives. That Party is the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

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