With a growing number of Americans coming to libertarian views on personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and peace, Libertarians have an unprecedented opportunity to make a significant political impact in our state and our country.

Become a candidate

During even-numbered years, all 118 state representative offices are up for election, as well as a third of all Illinois state senate offices.

During odd-numbered years, municipal offices such as mayor, township trustee, library and school boards, and other local races are open for challenge.

Running for and winning these elections are a great way to help your community and demonstrate how Libertarian solutions can benefit people every day.

Want to know more?

Email for our Political Director, Scott Schluter if you would like to become a Libertarian candidate in Illinois.

Become a campaign volunteer

You can assist Libertarian campaigns in many ways:

  • Manage campaigns
  • Raise money
  • Collect, report, and disburse funds
  • Design websites and campaign materials
  • Research issues
  • Write campaign messaging
  • Collect petition signatures (Illinois petition drive)
  • Take photos/video
  • Distribute literature
  • Get out the vote

Contact our Volunteer Director, if you are interested in getting involved with any of our candidates’ campaigns. It’s not only a valuable way to advance liberty, but fun!