What You Need To Know

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (LP Illinois) day to day operations is run by volunteers. Every dollar donated to the party goes to operations costs.

The Governing Board of the party consists of elected officers, or Executive Board, and a Board of Directors. Together they make up the State Organizing Committee or SOC for short. The SOC is further organized into different divisions listed below. Each Division's tasks are assigned to specific Directors who execute the mission of the party. All Directors are also free to build teams of volunteers to help them as well. All of the duties are defined in a Board of Director's Policy and Operations Manual that you can view here.

Freedom's torch continues to shine because of the dedicated efforts of Libertarian leaders throughout our state. Please contact us if you want to help.

Libertarian Party of Illinois Executive Board

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Lex Green - State Chair

Jonathan Parker - Vice Chair

Open - Secretary

Brian Dunn - Treasurer

Libertarian Party of Illinois Directors

Field Operations Division

Aaron Wright - Field Operations Division Director

Mark Elmore - Deputy Field Operations Division Director

Kevin Mahoney - Membership Director

Matthew Lawler - Activism Director

Ian Peak - Volunteer Director

Steven Leezy - Campus Director

Open - Chapter Development Director

Political Division

Scott Schluter - Political Division Director

Kyle Symons - Deputy Political Division Director

Krysta Walker - Ballot Access Director

Jasen Howard - Candidate Recruitment Director

Jake Leonard - Deputy Recruitment Director

Open - Campaign Director

Open - Legislative Director

Ryan Mahoney - Precincts Director

Communications Division

Steve Suess - Communications Division Director

Open - Deputy Communication Division Director

Paul DiMasi - Newsletter Director

Jenae Wise - Social Media Director

Open - Public Relations Director

Open - Marketing Director

IT Division

Lex Green - IT Division Director

Eric Epps - Deputy IT Division Director

Open - Operations Director

Open - Coding Director

Matt Brands - Platform Director

Open Director Positions

Open - Secretary

Open - Campaign Director

Open - Deputy Communication Division Director

Open - Marketing Director

Open - Public Relations Director

Open - Operations Director

Open - Coding Director

Open - Deputy Finance Division Director

Open - Legislative Director

Open - Chapter Development Director

Open - 1st District

Open - 3rd District

Open - 7th District

Open - 15th District

Open - 16th District

Opportunity Knocks

If you are interested in volunteering with the Illinois Libertarian Party, contact the Volunteer Director for more information.

Libertarian Party of Illinois Bylaws

The Illinois Libertarian Party bylaws are made available for viewing here: Bylaws