As the 2022 election cycle nears, we at the Libertarian Party of Illinois have been patiently awaiting two sets of dates for this crucial election cycle. However, due to complications relating to getting correct population data from the U.S. Census Bureau, combined with continued disputes between the Republicratic parties on redistricting and a reduction in time to circulate petitions for the primaries, those important dates may likely change this fall or winter.

According to a report from Raymon Troncoso at Capitol News Illinois (CNI), an elections omnibus bill passed late last month in the General Assembly, if signed by Gov. JB Pritzker, would push the 2022 primary to June 28. This is in stark contrast to the usual second Tuesday in March. As of this publication, the bill has yet to reach Pritzker’s desk, likely over concerns that primary candidates will only have 53 days to circulate petitions compared to the usual 89 to 90 days. This would be despite new parties (like ours) and independents possibly getting 89 days for our statewide and other races in non-established counties and regions.

Our potential election timelines

This is what we know about this bill if signed:

  • JUNE 28 PRIMARY: Democrats and Republicans will begin circulation January 13 for a 53-day period, with the final date for turn-in on March 15. This would make the objection deadline March 22. This applies to the seven counties where we have established status (Cook, DeWitt, Kankakee, McHenry, McLean, Peoria, and Tazewell). It is also applicable for the Illinois Green Party (Chicago MWRD, Jackson County).
  • NOVEMBER 8 GENERAL: New parties and independents will be able to circulate petitions for a period of 89 days from April 13 to July 11 with the objection deadline being 5 p.m. on July 18. Also, this opens up a rare opportunity in potentially circulating petitions during the primary election on June 28.

These timelines only apply to the 2022 cycle and will sunset on January 1, 2023.

These election timelines could be derailed by litigation

However, Republicans are buying none of it, and have been threatening to draw this out through litigation.

On June 9, per CNI’s Peter Hancock, Republicans filed suit in Chicago with intent on getting the legislative maps redrawn.

In that report, Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie stated, “…We are entering court on behalf of the thousands of families, small business owners, workers, and taxpayers who said they wanted an independently drawn map, not the one handed down by political insiders desperately clinging to power.”

Dan, you don’t represent us. You most certainly don’t speak for us, as much as you want to try.

Independent maps? Really?

McConchie and House Minority Leader Jim Durkin claim that their suit is “our best option to advocate for the 75 percent of voters who were refused an independent process and a map created with accurate data.”

For one, the so-called “independent maps commission” that is the be-all, end-all of redistricting battles is far from independent. This commission is comprised of Democrats and Republicans, with no outsiders allowed to speak up. No Libertarians, no Greens, no independents.

Democrats fired back regarding the lawsuit. State Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez (D-Cicero) accused Republicans of trying to block the new maps for their own political gain.

The stone cold truth: the duopoly blatantly gerrymandered our 2022-2031 maps to boost their own egos. It was also to further exploit the voters for political gain.

Now the duopoly could potentially drag the stipulations in Senate Bill 825 into court to earn themselves brownie points by getting federal intervention in getting more than 53 days to petition or to demand that the courts reduce the days to petition for ballot access in the general election.

We at the Libertarian Party of Illinois thrive on providing voters in the Land of Lincoln with a choice outside of the Republicratic parties. No matter the road blocks they put in our way, we advance through them. 2022 will not be any different.

Your candidacy for political office is important

Don’t think for once that your interest in pursuing political office is all for nothing. Taking a gamble is what’s helping our party attain the 5 percent threshold in seven counties. It was because of Gary Johnson in 2016 that established McLean County. Additionally, state Treasurer candidate Michael Leheney helped establish his now-former home county of Kankakee in 2018. It was thanks, in part, to ballot access relief that we were able to add five additional counties in 2020. We are not content with only having seven established counties. We intend to gain many more counties in 2022.

It all starts with you. Don’t delay in taking that first step in ensuring a freer world in our lifetimes.

If you have any interest in pursuing a run for office in 2022 (or even the next consolidated cycle in 2023), feel free to contact the Political Division.

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