It’s said that “all politics is local.” That’s especially true of libertarian politics. Since we do not use force or fraud, our only tool is to persuade people, one at a time, to join us.County, Local and Student Chapters are in the best position to know how to persuade people within their communities. County, Local and Student Chapters grow members, voters, activists, candidates, and political leaders. County, Local and Student Chapters can become a real force for freedom.

But only when someone decides to take action, step forward, and become a Chapter leader. Someone like you.

How to Start a Chapter

It’s not difficult to start a Chapter, but it does require organization, perseverance, and belief in the value of liberty. The three basic steps to getting started are:

  1. Let the LP Illinois know that you are interested in starting a Chapter. We can provide you with contacts to other Libertarians in your area, sample starting documents, speakers, tips, and more.
  2. Host a County Chapter Formation Meeting with five or more Libertarians. Your goals are to determine your officers, bylaws, and establish a monthly meeting time and place. An LP Illinois Officer, Field Operations Division Director, or Regional Director will attend your meeting, answer questions, and provide any needed support.
  3. Send the LP Illinois your Chapter Documentation. When we receive a list of your officers’ contact information, current bylaws, and meeting logistics, your Chapter is ready to fly.

The Value of Belonging

The LP Illinois stands ready to foster the development of Libertarian Chapters in every county in Illinois. LP Illinois Chapters receive:

  • Contacts to Libertarian leaders across Illinois—people who are well versed in libertarian politics and action.
  • Access to the State Central Committee and the Board of Directors that set policy within the LP Illinois.
  • Access to your area’s mailing list from Illinois and National databases.
  • Free insurance that is required for participation at many fairs and other outreach events.

Starting a Chapter is a noble calling for those who would advance liberty within our society. Take that all-important first step by Contacting Us. The time to take up the standard of liberty is now.

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